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ANONYMOUS (1):  (California)  Our anonymous contributor is based in California where she owns and shows her Arabians in Trail and Dressage.  See TIPS.

FLEMING, CYNTHIA:  (NM)  Cynthia has not yet provided us with a biographical sketch, but hails from Bosque Farms in New Mexico.  See TIPS.

HARSTAD, LISA:  (Richland, WA)  Lisa is a long-time Morgan horse owner and exhibitor.  Presently without her own horse, she and her husband spend their winters snowmobiling and enjoying the great outdoors.  See TIPS.

HOPP, Kristi:  (Olympia, WA)  Kristi has owned and shown Arabian horses nearly her entire life.  Kristi currently owns several horses, and is anxiously awaiting the foals three of her mares are due to have in the spring of 2001.  See TIPS.

MIDDLETON, Keith:  (Paso, WA)  Keith is the proud father of an 18-year old English exhibitor.  When we asked him for some biographical information, he stated "What can you say about a short 'Enginerd' with a wonderful son and daughter, incredibly tolerant wife, and the craziest animals on the planet?"  Seriously, he's a great guy, and the home crew includes his wife Ruth, son Kyle, daughter Lisa, the cat Hairy, the dog Jade, and of course, the horses.  Biff is the 'pet,' and Butch is the show horse.  See SPECIAL.

STANTON, Jeanie:  (Midland, MI)  Jeanie is an aspiring dressage rider who has experience in many other disciplines including hunter pleasure, show hack, trail. reining, and just having horse-related fun! See TIPS.

E-mail us anything you think might be valuable to AAOTR.com readers/viewers.  Either include a short biographical sketch or simply request that your contribution(s) remain anonymous.  We need your help in building this site into a premier resource for Amateur Arabian horse exhibitors.

Articles/postings/etc. will be accepted via either Word or WordPerfect format, simply E-mail them to AAOTR.com:

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