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November News...

As we are all well aware, Nationals are over for the year 2000!  Though complete results are available from a number of sources, I thought it might be interesting to analyze who won what in Louisville...


There were a total of 112 judged classes offered at US Nationals this year...of those, 39 were Adult Amateur Owner to Ride (AAOTR), Adult Amateur Owner to Handle (AAOTH), or Adult Amateur Owner to Drive (AAOTD).  (For the purposes of this analysis I did not include Non-Pro Cutting in the amateur classes since I am not familiar enough with those qualifications to know who can and cannot compete.) 

The largest amateur class was Half Arabian Country English Pleasure (18-39) with 60 entries.  The smallest was 5 entries in Purebred Pleasure Driving.  The largest Purebred class was Country English Pleasure (40+) with 52 entries, and the smallest Half Arabian class was Reining, with only 6 entries.


The largest Open class was Purebred Hunter Pleasure, with 57 entries.  The smallest was the Purebred Cutting Futurity, with only 1 entrant.  The largest Half Arabian class was Country English Pleasure Junior Horse with 39 horses, and the smallest was Mares, Saddle Type, with 9 entries.  

So, what does that mean?  I thought it interesting to break down my analysis of classes a bit further, and wondered if you cared about the following:

1.  Of the amateur classes, the largest being 60 entries, the smallest being 1, the average number of horse/rider combinations was 26 per class.

2.  The average Purebred amateur class saw 28 entries, and the average Half Arabian class saw 23.

3.  The average number of amateur entries in halter classes was 21.

4.  The average number of amateur Purebred halter entries was 23, and the average number of Half Arabian entries were 15.

5.  Quite amazingly, one of the largest classes on the schedule was First Level Dressage, with 53 entries.  Now might be the time to start splitting that class by Purebred/Half Arabian status.  SECOND Level had 40 horse/rider combinations.



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