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Catering to the average amateur exhibitor in today's show ring...that is what AAOTR.com is all about.  Though many of us are working and showing our horses under financial and time restrictions, we have one thing in common - our unlimited dreams.

AAOTR.com has been established specifically for the amateur exhibitor who is looking for success.  So often it is the "little things" that make a big difference.  At AAOTR.com, we will strive to dig out those little details, provide a base of support, and continue to build on a valuable resource within the Arabian horse show industry.


Created by amateur exhibitors for amateur exhibitors.  That is the basis for AAOTR.com.  The goal is to create a user-friendly website that can be used as a resource for guidance and support in your pursuit of your personal competitive goals.

What do you have to do to "subscribe" to AAOTR.com?  Absolutely nothing other than do what you are doing now...and that is using your Internet connections and adding AAOTR.com to your favorites list.  With thousands of websites out on the World Wide Web, our hope is that this site will eventually develop into a valuable network of resources for the average amateur Arabian horse exhibitor.

A Note From Your Host...

Why "AAOTR.com?"  That's a good question.  For the past 3 years, I have been watching my role as an amateur exhibitor evolve within the Arabian horse industry.  In 1998 I created and have contributed "Times for Amateurs," a monthly column for the Arabian Horse Times magazine.  In that time, I have found that there are so many average, or "normal" if you will, amateur exhibitors "just like me" out there...struggling to maintain a competitive edge, and always working to be in the ribbons with "the big guys."  

FIRST:  We all love our Arabian horses;

SECOND:  MOST of us are showing our horses on a limited budget, with limited time and other limited resources.

THIRD:  All of us have unlimited dreams.

You are not alone out there.  That is the one thing I hear over and over again from readers, and the one thing I have always wished I could devote more time and energy to.  This website is in no way affiliated by the Arabian Horse Times, but is going to attempt to work to bridge the gap between "normal" amateurs and the bigwigs out there.  Amateurs are a huge part of the Arabian horse show industry, and it is no secret that most of the amateur exhibitors at the average Arabian show is working with limited resources.  We all wish we had all the money and all the free time in the world, but our jobs, our families, and the general grind of day to day life seem to catch up to us.

I'm going to ask for your help in developing AAOTR.com.  I am by no means a computer genius, and the fact that I have taken the steps to actually launch this website is almost overwhelming to me.  I need your help, in that I need your input, your ideas, and your two cents to make AAOTR.com into a valuable resource for all of us amateurs out there.

So, I say WELCOME, thank you for dropping in, and please come again.  I will look forward to working with you on this new venture.

-- Keri Schenter



While I am open to any and all ideas, there are a few things I will be firm about when I say you won't find these things on AAOTR.com.  The first is gossip.  The second are open message boards that perpetuate gossip.  One of the most disturbing things I find about Internet message boards are the fact that folks oftentimes state their opinions about other people without taking into account how damaging and/or hurtful their statements may be to others.  Therefore, open message boards will not be a part of this site.

Check out our TIPS page to find out how, without open message boards, you can contribute your questions and suggestions to AAOTR.com.


So far we have determined that AAOTR.com will include TIPS for exhibitors, NEWS of interest, and a FOCUS every other month that should offer guidance to exhibitors at all levels in all disciplines.  Future plans will include advertising, a mentor program, and any other things YOU would like to see.

Your suggestions are needed and welcome!  Please let us know what you think...what you want...and how you suggest getting there.  

Articles/postings/etc. will be accepted via either Word or WordPerfect format, simply E-mail them to AAOTR.com:

[email protected]

All submissions will become property of AAOTR.com and will be subject to editing and revision of content as necessary.











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